Stereolab Mars Audiac Quintet Rapidshare

Eaten Horizons or the Electrocution Stereolab of Rock Full Album Demos

01. Stereolab - Pop Quiz

- Neon Beanbag Stereolab (Atlas Sound Mix)

15. Stereolab - One Note Samba/surfboard

- Crest (Stereolab Cover) - Sebadoh Bbc Peel Session 1994

- Wow and Stereolab Flutter (Peel Session)

Div i Ded - Born to Sleep (Full Album)

Stereolab - John Cage Bubblegum

Stereolab - Cosmic Country Noir

- Forever Breathes the Felt Lonely Word (Full Album)

Pamela - Indian Lucia Alphabet Chant (A-i-iddy-i-o-o-o)

- Les Yper Sound Stereolab (Live on Jools Holland)

Sitar (Full Album) Dreamweapon: an Spacemen Evening of Contemporary 3 Music

& Nurse With Wound Stereolab "simple Headphone Mind"

- Free Witch Stereolab and No-bra Queen

On Mars - Mouse Instrumentals (Full Album)

- Soul Kiss (Glide Spectrum Divine) Full Album

Stereolab - lo Boob Oscillator

- Ladies and Gentlemen we Are Spiritualized Floating in Space (Full Album)

- Self Portrait With Stereolab Electric Brain (Yacht Remix)

Bbc Session by 1997 Stereolab (Part 3)

Mouse on Mars - Schelecktron

Saucer Attack - Flying Distance (Full Album)

Karate - Pockets (Full Album)

(Full - me and a Monkey Felt on the Moon 1989 Album)

Ed Motta - Dwitiza (Full Album)

The Sundays - Blind (Full Album)

On - Electrocation Turn of Fire Ants

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