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Soccer: Kansas City Indoor at Chicago 1

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Kansas City Comets Wallascora 1-13-2017

And Matt Besler: Thanks, op Soccer Wizards Clubs and kc Comets Families!

Kansas City Comets Wallascora 11-13-2017

City Comets vs Kansas Florida Tropics

Kc Comets Soccer Club - U18 Girls Halftime

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Wichita Wings at Misl kc Comets 1-27-88

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Soccer Marketing in Misl Kansas City 1981

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City Comets First Misl Win November Kansas 28, 1981 vs Wichita Wings

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City Comets Retire Alan Kansas Mayer's Jersey - 2

San Diego Sockers vs Kansas City Comets, 3rd and 4th Qtr, 1987-88 Misl Season

Riot Soccer Club Goals at Chicago Missouri Comets 02 20 11

Annual Mascot Game - 11th Kansas City Comets

Cellular Arena | Milwaukee, wi

City Comets vs Kansas Baltimore Blast Highlights

Athletics at the Fury Missouri Comets Game

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Great Saves Sanaldo kc Comets

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Missouri Comets Vs. Milwaukee Wave

Fckc & Missouri Comets Players. Uswnt, Kicking it at the Dome

Kansas City Comets Wallascora 12-17-2017

Dallas Sidekicks at Misl kc Comets 2-9-86

Mustangs vs Missouri Chicago Comets en Vivo

Soccer With kc Wolf, Comets Sluggerrr and Mac

Kansas City Comets at sd Misl Sockers Game 4 Semi's 5-17-87

Star Teaches Kids Comets to Love Soccer

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Missouri Comets Wallascora (2) 11-22-2017

Macgregor on Facing the Missouri Comets "..We Know we Ross Have to go There and Play Good Soccer.."

San Diego Sockers vs Kansas City Comets, 1983 Misl Western Division Semifinals

Missouri Comets Wallascora (2) 1-9-2017

Los Angeles Lazers 1986 Pro Soccer Spot

San Diego Sockers vs Kansas City Comets, 1985-86 Misl Season

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Park Elementary Howling Huskies Sing National Highland Anthem at kc Comets Soccer Game

Mke Wave Highlights vs Missouri Comets 12-31-14

Radoncic Goal for Chicago Riot Bato Vs. Missouri Comets, 12-19-10, Misl

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Comets Misl Champ Celebration Missouri Day - 3

Comets v Omaha Vipers, Missouri 16 Jan 2017

Chicago Sting Soccer (Commercial, 1983)

Coach & Goalie Talk Comet About Upcoming Season

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City Comets vs Pittsburgh Kansas Spirit 3/ 1st Half

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Kc/lawrence Ultimate Demo Early 1980s

Vs Kansas City Comets - Ambush December 31 - Family Arena

Maher Bicycle Kick for Chicago Riot Anthony Vs. Missouri Comets, 12-19-10, Misl

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Riot Soccer Pre-game Chicago Warm up

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